Thakkar Sheet Metal strives To Be A Global Leader
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Precision Components

We, Thakkar Sheet Metal. are specializes in Providing Customized Precision Components as per the customer drawing and specification. Our products inlcudes

  • Precision turned components
  • Valves and pumps components
  • Special bushes/housing
  • Connector
  • Stubends
  • Honed Cylinder Tubes
  • Instrumentation Fittings
  • Valve Stems/Spindles
  • Piston Rod
  • Turned/Machined Fasteners
  • Industrial Studs/Threaded bars
  • Dowel Pins
  • Handles
  • Noozzles
  • Wire Rope Fittings
  • Hose Fittings
  • Propellers Marine Shafts
  • Marine Components

About Us

We Strive for Excellence in Everything we do

Thakkar Sheet Metal has more than 7 Years of experience in the steel industry and is one of the largest distributors, traders, exporters, and traders of Bright bars, tubes, components, & fasteners. Thakkar Sheet Metal Group, a family-owned business, has evolved from being traders in Metal products to having four state-of the-art inhouse facilities with modern infrastructure that serve clients around the world. Thakkar Sheet Metal, along with its sister companies, has been awarded many export excellence awards and performance certificates. The government of India also recognized Thakkar Sheet Metal as an Export House.

Thakkar Sheet Metal strives to be a global leader in precision components, custom parts, flanges and fittings. We are able to deliver precision components according to clients' requirements making us one of the most trusted partners for custom and precision components.


State-of-art warehouse facilities.

Thakkar Sheet Metal has modern warehouse facilities that are equipped with the latest machinery and infrastructure. Thakkar Sheet Metal Group is located in India, Tamil Nadu 600058 and Ahmedabad & Baroda. The latest machinery and the ability to manage large inventories.

Thakkar Sheet Metal, the Thakkar Sheet Metal Groups' export house, offers one point of access to all your requirements.

Thakkar Sheet Metal Vision

Our structural solutions are of the highest quality and we promise to deliver value. Our dedication to quality and value results in exceptional quality, predictable outcomes as well as opportunities for continuous growth and mutually beneficial relationships. Our vision is based on quality and adding value for the products and processes.

Integral to the concept of quality is our adherence to the highest ethical and professional standards, a hallmark of our industry leadership.

Quality Policy

Quality is very essential for our company and we try to incorporate it in all our activities.We are built for result oriented work culture, to fulfill customers needs in terms of Cost, Quality and Delivery.

By enhancing effectiveness of people and plant equipment safely we are aiming towards zero losses.

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The modern facilities of Thakkar Sheet Metal are equipped with state-of-the-art, worldclass product with a wide range of international specifications.

Each of our units are equipped with modern infrastructure to deliver quality products.

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Our Market

Thakkar Sheet Metal have delighted customers in all regions of the world. Our products are well accepted in more than 40 countries like.. America, Europe, Africa, Gulf, Asia etc. & several other countries.

We have an all India network for marketing and customer service.

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